The Evolutionary Stages of the Universe is a theory I have been developing for the past ten years. Since I was studying for my first university degree in Psychology about 25 years ago, I have been interested in evolution. I took courses in Anthropology and Genetics but was also interested in the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence, so I also took courses in computer programming and information processing. Finally, to help me better think about all those topics, I took some courses on Symbolic Logic and Philosophy. My second degree was in Computer Studies, which I decided to study as a practical means to obtain a job.

Once I graduated from both degrees, I continued with my self-education. I read a lot of books on different scientific topics like Theoretical Physics, Cyber-evolution, Artificial Intelligence, Cell Physiology, Cosmic Evolution, the origin and concept of life, the origin of the Universe and the Solar System, and many other similar topics. This lead me to the idea that the evolution of life, the evolution of intelligence and the evolution of technology as we know them are just examples of components in a new stage in the evolution of the Universe that began with the evolution of multi-cellular organisms and, therefore, we think of life, intelligence and technology from an anthropocentric point of view. As I will explain in this blog, life, intelligence and technology also exist at lower stages in the evolution of the Universe which began with the creation of space-time and energy. I will also explain how intelligence and technology are just required components of life, and evolution is just life trying to preserve itself against a harsh environment by reproducing successful life forms.

Finally, my theory will try to extrapolate what has been happening to the Universe since it started evolving 13.7 billion years ago into the next stage of evolution. Life, with its intelligence and technology, will evolve and merge into a new type of living system, much more complex than what we can imagine today, and the only way to understand how this evolution will occur, is to understand how it has been evolving in the previous stages, from energy, to sub-atomic particles, to molecules, cells and now multi-cellular organisms.